Bible Talk Lesson’s

So – What is a “Bible Talk?”
So glad you asked!
It is an informal bible discussion where a small group gets together and digs into the scriptures. Sometimes it is a themed discussion (like a particular book, character, or topic) and sometimes it is a series (like, “Spiritual Wars” – a recent series we covered with some concepts from “Star Wars”). All in all, you don’t have to be a “bible scholar” to get engaged in the discussion. If you are “well versed” or not, there is always something for anyone to get out of a bible talk – because it is always powerful to spend time thinking about God’s Word and how it applies to our daily lives.


 Bible Talks by Jacob:  2016 Bible Talks: (coming soon)
Practice What You Preach

Listen and Do


Healing At The Pool

Music, Ice Cream, Or Repentance

The Most Important Thing

How Smart Are You?

Are You Popular?

Keep It Simple

Are You A Hater?

Passing The Test

No Limits


How Well Do You Know Jesus?

What Are You Looking For?


True Freedom




Living Water

Fortune Cookie Wisdom




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